Career firefighting

Are you team player? Resilient, compassionate and courageous? You might have the qualities we're looking for to strengthen our crew.

The role of a firefighter

There’s more to being a firefighter than you’d imagine. As a firefighter, you’ll not only be responding to emergency incidents, you’ll play an integral role in fire safety, education and prevention. It’s no ordinary job, the work is varied and challenging, as well as rewarding. Our firefighters are intelligent and highly skilled, coming from all walks of life.

A firefighter works as a member of a cohesive and cooperative team, whether involved in emergency response or work associated with maintaining readiness or community safety activities.

A firefighter directly participates in emergency incidents to assist and safeguard people, property and the environment, including responding to fires, vehicle accidents, rescues and other emergencies. A firefighter must always be physically fit and capable of responding to emergency calls and rescuing personnel from life threatening situations. They must be capable of a rapid physical response, which in the case of a property fire with life involvement would include donning personal protective clothing and breathing apparatus, dragging a line of hose and performing a search and rescue operation. They are required to work in awkward positions, often under pressure.

A firefighter must be able to operate vehicles and equipment in emergency and non-emergency situations. They are required to liaise with other agencies, including emergency service personnel, and communicate with members of the public and people under duress.

A firefighter carries out a range of other duties including:

  • Participates in community education programs and community centred emergency management activities.
  • Carries out or assists with inspection of properties for compliance with building codes and fire safety rules, including risk assessments.
  • Contributes to environmental care through appropriate activities including bushfire mitigation strategies.
  • Participates in drills, physical training, servicing hydrants, domestic duties and vehicle checks.
  • Firefighters work a rotating shift work pattern, being two day shifts 0800 – 1800, followed by two nightshifts 1800 - 0800, followed by a four-day break.
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