Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) gives every person the right to seek access to documents held by government agencies. Documents may comprise written material, plans and drawings, photographs, tape recording, films, videotapes or information stored in a computerised form.

DFES aims to make information available promptly and at the least possible cost to the applicant. Whenever possible, documents will be provided outside the FOI process. If information is not routinely available, the FOI Act provides the general public with the right to apply for documents held by DFES and enables the public to ensure that personal information in documents is accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading. For more information about access to information held by DFES please refer to the 2021/2022- DFES- Information-Statement (PDF - 1.19MB).

A copy of the FOI Act may be purchased from the Western Australian Legislation website or by viewing the electronic copy on the Information Commissioner’s website.

Applications to gain access to a document, amend personal information or have a previous FOI decision regarding access to, or amendment of, a document reviewed have to:

• be in writing;
• give enough information so that the documents requested can be identified;
• give an Australian address to which notices can be sent; and
• be lodged at DFES with any application fee payable.

Application Form

DFES is trialing a new Application Form. We would appreciate any feedback you have at

Download the application access form (PDF 172KB)

Our previous Application Form is still available here.

Terms and Conditions

  • DFES may request proof of your identity or evidence of consent where you have submitted this application on behalf of another person.
  • Your application will be acknowledged in writing and dealt with as soon as practicable. Section 13(3) of the FOI Act provides 45 days, however, DFES makes every effort to notify the applicant of the decision before the end of the permitted period. Where necessary, extensions may be obtained.

How to lodge your application

Applications may be lodged (together with the applicable fee) in the following ways:

  • Submit by email

  • Submit by mail

    FOI Coordinator
    PO Box 1174
    Perth WA 6844

  • Submit in Person

    FOI Coordinator

    Department of Fire & Emergency Services

    Ground Floor, 20 Stockton Bend, Cockburn Central WA 6164

Fees and Charges

  • Applications seeking personal information or amendment of personal information are free of any fee or charge.
  • Applications for all other documents attract an application fee of $30.00.
  • The FOI Act and FOI Regulations outline that an agency can impose charges for dealing with an access application. The Information Commissioner has found that charges may be imposed for:
  1. consulting with third parties, if necessary;
  2. examining documents, exercising judgment and making decisions on access;
  3. deleting exempt matter where appropriate;
  4. preparing a notice of decision; and
  5. providing access in the manner required.
  • If charges apply DFES will send you a statement of payable charges.
  • Where a processing charge applies, the current breakdown of fees is:
  1. $30.00 per hour of staff time
  2. $0.20 p/photocopy
  3. $0.60 per photograph
  • If you are considered financially disadvantaged and/or are the holder of a pensioner concession card, a reduction in processing charges may apply.
  • Further information can be obtained from DFES’ FOI Coordinator (9395 9480).


Refunds of the application fee are not available if we have commenced processing an application. If you consider you have grounds for a refund, you can apply in writing to the FOI Coordinator:  outlining your reasons.