Kaya, the Bindjareb people have embraced the establishment of the Bushfire Centre of Excellence on Bindjareb Boodja, as we share old traditional and new fire practices and beliefs to create a stronger future. May all visitors to the Bushfire Centre of Excellence have a safe visit and may they take care for country and in turn it will take care of them.

- Karrie-Anne Kearing Salmon, traditional owner of Bindjareb Nyungar Boodja.

First Nations Australians are advised that this publication may contain images of people who have passed away.

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Our story

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence is an educational hub where bushfire management personnel can come together for training and learning.

Our dedicated team also examines bushfire knowledge research across the globe, from traditional fire practices of Aboriginal Australians to contemporary bushfire management practiced internationally.

The Centre is the first of its kind in Australia and is located in the Shire of Murray’s Peel Business Park, about an hour south of Perth.

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Our facility

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence was purpose-built in 2020 and features training and meeting rooms, outdoor training and meeting spaces. Aboriginal themes have been carefully considered in the building’s design, artwork and interpretive information. The landscaping incorporates Indigenous and local heritage, local vegetation and bushfire design principles.

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Rooms and configurations

At the Bushfire Centre of Excellence, we welcome all people interested in upskilling in bushfire management to utilise the facility for their event, training or meeting. Request to book a room at the Centre.

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The Bushfire Centre of Excellence training team develops and delivers year-round bushfire training for a wide audience across the state. We promote localised training delivery through the hub and spoke service delivery model, and support a network of trainers across the state, delivering training from Esperance all the way up to Kununurra.

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Cultural Fire Program

The Cultural Fire Program at the Bushfire Centre of Excellence aims to enhance understanding, knowledge and application of cultural fire practices in WA.

The Cultural Fire Program emphasises:

  • Collaborating with partners to facilitate two-way learning
  • Enabling and empowering First Nations Australians to undertake cultural fire activities
  • Promoting sector and community understanding and awareness of cultural fire
Learn more about cultural burning
The Cultural Fire Team
The Karla Katitjin Trainees

Bushfire resources

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence has a comprehensive library of resources developed in-house with tailored content to support bushfire management practitioners.

Bushfire research and partner knowledge

The bushfire research portfolio at the Bushfire Centre of Excellence works alongside our partners to influence, consolidate and translate quality assured bushfire research into practical knowledge. The Bushfire Centre of Excellence is a member of the Interagency Bushfire Operations Committee Research Subcommittee (RSC), which seeks to improve bushfire management across the State and also determines Western Australia’s Bushfire Research Priorities.

Our dedicated research team has compiled a registry of up-to-date bushfire research and resources from our Partners and other bushfire management experts to support bushfire management practice. This information is derived from government and academic sites, reputable organisations and academic journals.

Academic resources

Last updated: January 2024

Academic resources are an important source of bushfire management knowledge.

All sources listed meet Bushfire Centre of Excellence quality assurance and governance standards.

A more comprehensive database is available here:

Some of the most relevant journal and publication websites are:



Have we missed something? Email us at bushfirecoe@dfes.wa.gov.au.

Data and research tools

Last updated: January 2024

A list of bushfire data and tools designed to predict, identify, and monitor bushfires has been compiled, providing publicly available information crucial for enhancing predictive capabilities and monitoring efforts related to bushfires.


United States


Have we missed something? Email us at bushfirecoe@dfes.wa.gov.au.

Bushfire research partners

Last updated: January 2024

Across Australia, bushfire research practitioners collaborate, contribute and engage in research activities to better the bushfire management sector in Australia.

Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) - National Council for Fire and Emergency Services

Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub

Dept of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions - Parks and Wildlife Service

CSIRO bushfire research

Natural Hazards Research Australia

Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC

Have we missed something? Email us at bushfirecoe@dfes.wa.gov.au.

Bushfire research centres

Last updated: January 2024

Bushfire Research Centres are dedicated to the study, analysis and understanding of bushfires, with various institutions around the world.

Key bushfire research centres in Australia as well as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are listed below.


Northern Territory

South Australia


Australian Capital Territory


Have we missed something? Email us at bushfirecoe@dfes.wa.gov.au.

Bushfire research subcommittee

Last updated: Jaunary 2024

The Bushfire Research Subcommittee support the reduction of bushfire risk in WA by identifying and advising on WA’s bushfire research priorities, with a specific focus on bushfire mitigation and response. It supports projects that address WA’s bushfire research priorities, and subsequently improves accessibility, uptake and visibility of research and associated findings.

The inter-agency subcommittee is established by and operates under the governance of the Interagency Bushfire Operations Committee.

The Bushfire Research Subcommittee has coordinated the development of Western Australia’s Bushfire Research Priorities for 2023/24.

Have we missed something? Email us at bushfirecoe@dfes.wa.gov.au.

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