Schools, families and young people

Educational resources are available for children and young people to learn more about natural hazards and how to reduce their disaster risk.

Disaster Resilience Education

Disaster Resilience Education (DRE) is important for children and young people of all ages. It aims to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to take the necessary actions to stay safe before, during and after an emergency or disaster.

More about Disaster Resilience Education

Place-based risk

At school

Emergency planning in schools

We all want our school communities to be safe. That’s why it’s important to include disaster resilience education and home emergency plans for students as part of your school’s emergency planning process.

School drills provide opportunities for teachers and students to share their own emergency plans with each another.  Parents and carers can help by encouraging schools to include the broader school community in their school’s emergency plans and drills.

Is your school in a bushfire prone area?
Preparing your school for bushfire

Professional development (PD)

Organise a PD session with DFES

If you would like to find out more about PD opportunities for your school, university or education sector group, contact DFES Community Preparedness on 9395 9816 or email

Outside of school

Involve your children in emergency plans

Children as young as four years of age can be involved in your home’s emergency plans. When children are placed at the centre of emergency planning, they are likely to feel more confident about the possibility of facing a fire or natural hazard.

Get started by involving your kids in planning for bushfire survival. The guide Making a Bushfire Survival Plan? Involve your Kids! by Dr Briony Tower provides tips for parents on what children can do when making and practising bushfire survival plans.

Other things parents and caregivers can do
Make emergency plans with your children


Education resources

A variety of educational resources on natural hazards and reducing disaster risk are available for download.

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Our newsletter provides information about DFES incursions, excursions, programs and events, as well as upcoming PD sessions.

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