Restricted Access Permits

Restricted access permits allow permit holders to enter a restricted area for a period. You can find out more about how to apply for a restricted access permit here.

Restricted access areas and permits to enter

A restricted area is a designated zone within an incident area that permit holders can enter for a period of time and a specific purpose. Restricted access areas will be via a nominated vehicle control point and access will be controlled by DFES personnel.

Anyone who enters a restricted access area without a permit may be prosecuted under the relevant legislation.

Vehicle control points

A vehicle control point is a location near the restricted area that allows permit holders access to the area.

In the case of multiple control points a restricted access permit will specify which vehicle control point the permit holder can enter the area through. If you attempt to go through a vehicle control point that is not marked on your restricted access permit, you will be denied access and turned away.

How to get a restricted access permit

Restricted access permits are only issued when the Incident Controller has determined that it is safe for persons to enter the restricted area. They can only be obtained from the Restricted Access Permit Unit, the location of the Unit/s will be listed in the alert or warning on Emergency WA once the unit is established.

To get a restricted access permit you must visit the unit in person. Your permit can have up to four people listed and you will need to enter together in the registered vehicle through your designated vehicle control point. The permit must be prominently displayed at all times within the restricted area.

It is important to remember that every incident is different, the best way to stay up to date on a restricted access area and when permits will be issued is by checking Emergency WA.

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