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Volunteer Portal Enquiries

Please complete the form below to submit an enquiry to the Volunteer Portal Support team.

Please Note:  Volunteer Portal Enquires are monitored during business hours, Monday to Friday and will be responded to within two business working days.

Important: Before submitting the support request form, please refer to the FAQs below.

I am receiving a login error, what are the potential causes?

1. The most common cause of login errors is that the correct username has not been entered. If you completed a 'quick registration', you will need to log-in using your volunteer ID number. If however you registered using a third party account such as Facebook or Google, your username will instead be the same email address that you use to login to your nominated third party account.

2. Another cause can be related to a browser cache that has not been cleared. If possible, clear your browser cache and re-open the browser before trying again. Information about how to clear your cache can be found at this external link

3. Occasionally with slower, remote, or WiFi connections, a login session can ‘time out’.  In these circumstances, a white or non-descriptive screen may present. Please return to the login page and try again. If your second attempt proves unsuccessful, please continue in completing the support request form below and we will investigate.

I forgot my Volunteer ID, how do I obtain this?
Volunteers must contact their Brigade, Group or Unit to request their Volunteer ID number. Please do not use this form to request this information.
I can’t remember my password to the portal, how I do reset it myself?
Visit the Forgot your Password page to reset your password independently.
 I can reset my password, but my email address has changed so I did not receive the new details
 In this situation, please use the form below to request a change to your email address in our system.

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