If a flood is expected, and you have time before it arrives, there are a number of things you can do to keep your property and belongings safe.

What to expect

Floodwaters are very dangerous and can threaten your home and community.

While floodwater can sometimes take time to reach you, if flash flooding occurs then it happens very quickly and can take you by surprise.

You should expect floodwater to be deep, have strong currents and sharp objects that can injure or trap you. Floodwaters can also contain toxic waste, chemicals and dangerous animals.

When a warning for a flood has been issued
Secure your home and property

Leaving early for a safer place

If a flood is threatening your home or property you should relocate to a safer place, if it is safe to do so.

Leaving at the last minute is very dangerous because your planned route may be blocked by fast flowing water.

When relocating:

Staying at home during a flood

If you choose to shelter in your home, it is very important that you first know the risks, understand what you may experience and follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have secured your home and
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit.
  • Relocate household members to the highest
     safe place.
  • Inform family, friends and authorities you are staying.
  • Plan to manage without electricity, water gas and other essential services.
  • Stay informed for official advice via radio or other working telecommunications.

In life threatening situations

Even if you have planned well, life threatening situations can still happen. Your shelter could be damaged, or someone could become ill or injured. For life threatening emergencies call 000.

Emergency responders will try to come to your aid. However, there may be delays due to the dangerous conditions.

Wait for the cancellation

Once the flood risk has passed and the warning has been cancelled, you can leave your shelter, but you must do so with caution and follow all of the safety advice in the alert.

Your property may be damaged and unsafe. Call the State Emergency Service on 132 500 for assistance.

Only return home when authorities tell you it’s safe. If you’re returning to your home, follow the routes recommended.

Stay informed

DFES will provide flood warning updates as the information changes.

Always have your battery powered radio with you and listen for emergency broadcasts on local ABC Radio.

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