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A Fun Day Out for Kids

A visit to the DFES Education and Heritage Centre offers a fun, educational and FREE experience catering for all ages. Climb into a fire truck, learn about fire and natural hazard emergencies, the history of the WA Fire Service and how to better prepare your family for fire, storm, flood, cyclone and earthquake.

Visit the DFES Education and Heritage Centre site for opening hours and more information.

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What else can you do?

Talk to your children about fire safe behaviour – download children’s book ‘Aaron’s Promise’ (PDF)

DFES has created a children’s book to support you in teaching your children about fire safety. Aaron’s Promise tells a tale of a young boy whose curiosity has disastrous consequences. Aaron finds a lighter in the park whilst playing and makes a fateful decision to keep it instead of handing it to his mum. What happens next is an all too well-known outcome for many young West Australians. Aaron lights a fire that quickly gets out of control.

Aaron’s Promise explores the subject of fire play, showing its young audience that fire is dangerous and that all fires (even small ones) can spread quickly. The book provides discussion questions to help you talk about fire safe behaviour with your children.

Preparing your family and home for fire and/or natural disaster


Here you can find information about:

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Home Fire Escape Plans
  • Emergency kits
  • Survival plans
  • Important numbers
  • Preparing for:
    • Fire
    • Cyclone
    • Storm
    • Flood
    • Earthquake
    • Tsunami

Children can get involved in planning for bushfire survival. Here you can find tips on what children can do when you develop and practise your Bushfire Survival Plan.

If there is a fire in your home, having working Smoke Alarms and a Home Fire Escape Plan will increase your family’s chances of getting out of your house safely. Print out a Home Fire Escape Plan, complete it and practise it with your family.

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Children experimenting with fire – Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness (JAFFA) Program

Children that repeatedly experiment with fire and do not respond to parental intervention or education may benefit from our Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness (JAFFA) Program. This FREE confidential program is delivered by firefighters in the family home. It teaches children and family members about the consequences of fire and helps them to develop fire safe skills.

If you have a child who is experimenting with fire setting we have resources to help you educate them for fire safe behaviour. More information

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Home Schooled Children

The Fire Education and Heritage Centre welcomes home school groups to participate in our educational programs.

The Emergency Helpers in the Community excursion (hyperlink) is available for pre primary to year 2 students. Bookings are essential.

Home Fire Safety excursion (hyperlink) is available to year 3 to year 6 students. Bookings are essential.

Parents are welcome to attend but younger siblings are unable to participate in all activities due to their content.

Individual families are welcome to visit the DFES Education and Heritage Centre during the year as casual visitors.

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