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Bushfire Warnings

Before a bushfire starts, Fire Danger Ratings can provide you with advice about the level of bushfire threat on a particular day and how difficult and dangerous conditions will be if a fire starts. They are based on weather conditions forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology.

During a bushfire, DFES and the Parks and Wildlife (P&W) Service of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions issue community alerts and warnings for bushfires that threaten lives and property. They are only issued once firefighters have arrived at the scene and determined that there is a threat or potential threat to the community.

The alert level changes to reflect the increasing risk to your life.

DFES and P&W issue the following bushfire warnings:

  • Advice  A fire has started but there is no known danger, this is general information to keep you informed and up to date with developments.
  • Watch and Act There is a possible threat to lives and homes. Conditions are changing, you need to leave the area or prepare to actively defend your home to protect you and your family.
  • Emergency Warning You are in danger as your area will be impacted by fire. You need to take immediate action to survive. Listen carefully as you will be advised whether you can leave the area or if you must shelter where you are as the fire burns through your area. An emergency warning may be supported with a siren sound called the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS). These factors should be reviewed on a regular basis as they may change at any time and without notice.
  • All Clear The danger has passed and the fire is under control, but you need to remain vigilant in case the situation changes. It may still not be safe to return home.
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