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Home and Property Damage

After severe storms some services may not be working such as; power, telecommunications, gas, water and sewerage.

Due to potential damage you may need emergency accommodation, welfare support services, money, food or water.

The following tips can help you to recover after the impact of a storm.

If your home has been damaged:

  • Be careful of debris and damaged buildings
  • Check on friends and neighbours to see if they need help
  • Assess your home, property and car for damage; take photographs as soon as possible for insurance purposes
  • If your home has been badly damaged and you need help call the SES. Click here for information about when to call the SES for assistance
  • If asbestos has been damaged on your property you should seek professional advice before attempting any repairs or clean up because it could be dangerous
  • Start cleaning up around your home. Stack loose material such as branches and debris away from water meters, valves and telephone lines
  • Contact your insurance company if you have damage and to organise permanent repairs.
    • - Most insurance companies provide 24 hour service. They may be able to provide you with temporary accommodation, food and cash for immediate hardship.
  • If you are not insured and your family and friends cannot assist, contact:
    The Department of Communities Crisis Care on 1800 032 965 for assistance with emergency accommodation, clothing, food and other essentials. If your home has been badly damaged and you need help, call the SES on 132 500
  • Do not attempt any repairs unless qualified as this may put you or your family at risk, or cause further damage that may not be covered by your insurer
  • Ensure your home is secure before you leave as you are responsible for the security of your home until assessment
  • Call your local government to get advice about the removal of green waste and other materials

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