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Fire Danger Ratings

Understanding the ratings - Click here

What is a Fire Danger Rating?

If you are in a bushfire risk area you need to know what the Fire Danger Rating (FDR) is for your area, monitor local conditions and keep informed.

Understanding the FDR categories and what they mean to you will help you to make decisions about what to do if a bushfire starts.

The FDR is based on the forecast weather conditions and gives you advice about the level of bushfire threat on a particular day. When the rating is high, the threat of a bushfire increases.

When the FDR is Extreme or Catastrophic for your area it means any fires that start are likely to be so fierce that even a well prepared, well constructed and actively defended home may not survive a fire.

If this sort of weather is expected you should leave the day or hours before a fire might threaten as this is the best option for your survival.

In your bushfire survival plan you should consider your actions during different FDR categories.

At each rating the fire behaviour and potential impact on you will be different.

Check the FDR in your area by clicking here or by visiting the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website and clicking on the relevant section of the map.​​​​​​


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