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Bushfire Ready Groups

Bushfire Ready is a community driven program established by DFES in collaboration with local government to increase the resilience of the community to bushfire risk.

Bushfire Ready is a local community action program aimed at encouraging local residents to work together in preparing and protecting their families and properties against bushfires.

Bushfire Ready aims to build the community resilience by providing an opportunity for neighbours to network, share ideas and information and develop and implement strategies a to reduce their bushfire risk.

In a dangerous bushfire, a fire truck may not be available to protect every home. This means residents and homeowners need to be responsible for their own safety.

The benefits of forming a Bushfire Ready group include:

  • Increasing your understanding of bushfire risk around homes, streets and the immediate surrounding bush land in your area
  • Support for developing your own Bushfire Survival Plan
  • Opportunities for meeting neighbours to develop support networks that may be needed in a bushfire emergency
  • Learning about bushfire behaviour
  • Reducing the cost that bushfire has on life, property and the environment
  • Developing realistic expectations of the capabilities and limits of emergency services during a bush fire
  • Finding out where and how to access information during a bush fire

The Bushfire Ready program is self managed, flexible and community driven. Members decide when, where and how often they meet and what parts of the program they wish to use.

The program is coordinated by a trained volunteer Bushfire Ready facilitator and supported by local Fire Services personnel.

Brigades support being bushfire ready

All Bushfire ready group facilitators are required to be a member of a Bushfire Brigade, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service or Volunteer Emergency Service.

DFES in collaboration with local government plays a vital role in facilitating activities to reduce bushfire risk throughout the community.

Engaging with the community helps people to prepare, act and survive during bushfire season.

Bushfire Ready facilitators and groups provide key information for brigades and stakeholders through established community networks.

All brigade members are encouraged to support Bushfire Ready groups in their local area, especially those areas considered at high bushfire risk.


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