Planning ahead for emergencies can save you and your family’s lives, so learn about hazards that may occur in your area.
Rural farm fire

Preparing for a bushfire

When you live in a rural or farming area, you should know your bushfire risk and put a survival plan in place. This way you can prepare your property, keep your family safe, and look after your livelihood. Think about things that increase your bushfire risk, like the weather and your machinery, and how close you live to emergency services assistance.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the risks you face on your property.

Create and practice a plan with your family and employees. You should all know what you’ll do if a bushfire strikes. Remember to let your neighbours know your plan too.

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans

Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans are issued by your local government and are put in place when your local Bushfire Control Officer identifies the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery as high bushfire risk activities, during particular times of the day. These times are called prohibited burning times and/or restricted burning times and vary between the individual local governments. As a guide, these times generally extend over the traditional summer period from October through to April.

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