DFES - Department of Fire and Emergency Services
000 for fire or life threatening emergencies
132 500 for SES emergency assistance
13 DFES (13 3337) for emergency information
General enquiries | Hearing or speech impaired contacts
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FES Commissioner’s Operational Requirements Fundamentals
DFES-BEB-Operational-Requirements–Class_2-9_Buildings–Final.pdfDFES BEB Operational Requirements – Class 2-9 Buildings – Final99 KB
FES Commissioner’s Operational Requirements Guidelines (ORG)
ORG-01-Maintenance.pdfORG 01 Maintenance175 KB
ORG-02-Perimeter-Vehicle-Access.pdfORG 02 Perimeter Vehicle Access199 KB
ORG-03-Information.pdfORG 03 Information181 KB
ORG-04-Water-Supply-and-Access.pdfORG 04 Water Supply and Access211 KB
ORG-05-Hydrant.pdfORG 05 Hydrants210 KB
ORG-06-Booster-assemblies-Hydrant-and-Sprinkler.pdfORG 06 Booster Assemblies Hydrant and Sprinkler177 KB
ORG-07-Sprinkler-systems.pdfORG 07 Sprinkler Systems273 KB
ORG-09-Emergency-Lifts.pdfORG 09 Emergency Lifts175 KB
ORG-10-Fire-Compartmentation-Structural-Integrity.pdfORG 10 Fire Compartmentation Structural Integrity178 KB
Revised Guidelines - 16 January 2018 
GL-01_Independent_Power_Sources_To_Pumpsets_For_Fire_Hydrant_Systems.pdfGL-01 Independent Power Sources To Pumpsets For Fire Hydrant Systems351 KB
GL-03_ Fire_-_Safety_Equipment_Signage.pdfGL-03 Fire Safety Equipment Signage457 KB
GL-04_Fire_Control_Centres-Rooms_Including_Tactical_Fire_Plans.pdfGL-04 Fire Control Centres-Rooms Including Tactical Fire Plans345 KB
GL-05_Centre_Point_of_Career_Fire_Station_Work_Areas.pdfGL-05 Centre Point of Career Fire Station Work Areas504 KB
GL-06-Acceptable-Sources-of-Water-Supply-for-Fire-Hydrant-and-Sprinkler-Systems.pdfGL-06 Acceptable Sources of Water Supply for Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Systems1376 KB
GL-07_Submission_Of_Documents_To_DFES_For_Assessment.pdfGL-07 Submission Of Documents To DFES For Assessment1168 KB
GL-08_Hard_Suction_connections.pdfGL-08 Hard Suction Connection938 KB
GL-10_AIF_in_accordance_with_AS4428-10_DFES_acceptance.pdfGL-10 AIF in accordance with AS4428-10 DFES acceptance460 KB
GL-11_DFES_site_planning_and_fire_appliance_specifications.pdfGL-11 DFES site planning and fire appliance specifications1006 KB
GL-14_Fire_Safety_in_Car_Stacker_Systems.pdfGL-14 Fire Safety in Car Stacker Systems452 KB
GL-15_Fire_Engineered_Performance_Solutions.pdfGL-15 Fire Engineered Performance Solutions656 KB
GL-17 External Walls and Cladding.pdfGL-17 External Walls and Cladding306 KB
GL-18_Block_Plan_Requirements.pdfGL-18 Block Plan Requirements530 KB
GL-19_DFES_BEB_Early_Childhood_Centres.pdfGL-19 DFES BEB Early Childhood Centres1154 KB
Special Operations Guidance Notices  
DFE40125_Constructing_Firebreaks_Brochure.pdfDFE40125 Constructing Firebreaks Brochure2987 KB
GN-04-Materials-Recyling-Facility.pdfGN 4 - Fire Prevention and Management in a Materials Recycling Facility1432 KB
GN-1-Water-Supplies-Special-Hazards.pdfGN 1 Firefighting Water Supply Considerations for Special Hazard and Dangerous Goods Sites824 KB
GN-2-Bulk-Storage-of-Rubber-Tyres-including-Shredded-and-Crumbed-Tyres.pdfGN 2 Bulk Storage of Rubber Tyres, Shredded and Crumbed Tyres1516 KB
GN-3-Fire-Safety-Considerations-for-Open-Yard-Storage.pdfGN 3 Fire Safety Considerations for Open Yard Storage971 KB
WaterCorporation-Supply_of_water_to_commercial_buildings_for_firefighting_purposes.pdfWater Corporation - Supply of water to commercial buildings for firefighting purposes173 KB
DFES-Guidance-Installed-External-Cladding-on-Buildings.pdfExternal Wall Cladding - January 2019258 KB
BEB_Fire_Safety_Matters_newsletter_autumn2016.pdfFire Safety Matters Newsletter - Autumn 2016783 KB

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Technical Notes
WaterCorp-Extract-DS63-WaterReticulationPipelinesDN250andSmaller1-3.pdfWater Corporation - Design Standard 63 - Water Reticulation Standard Design and Construction Requirements for systems up to DN25093 KB
DFES-Tech_Note_Reticulated_Water_Supply.pdfReticulated Water Supply - DFES Interpretation301 KB
Abolition-of-Designs-Incorporating-Pumped-Booster-Assembly-Feed-Hydrants.pdfAbolition of Designs Incorporating Pumped Booster Assembly Feed Hydrants388 KB
DFES-Boosting-Pressure-Determining-the-Duty-of-a-Booster-Relay-Pump.pdfDFES Boosting Pressure - Determining the Duty of a Booster Relay Pump408 KB
DFES-digital-water-gauge.pdfDigital Water Level Gauge403 KB
Residual-Pressure-of-Attack-Fire-Hydrants-Australian-Standard-2419-1-2005.pdfResidual Pressure of Attack Fire Hydrants – Australian Standard 2419.1 2005395 KB
Tech_note_ boosting_combined_mains.pdfBoosting Combined Fire Hydrant/Sprinkler Mains503 KB
Technical-Note-03-16-Large-Isolated-Buildings.pdfPerimeter Vehicle Access - Large Isolated Buildings476 KB
DFES Hydrant Booster and Pre-Test requirements form.pdfDFES Hydrant Booster and Pre-Test requirements form117 KB
Fire-System-Impairment-Notification.pdfFire System Impairment Notification212 KB
Request_for_Consultation_Meeting.pdfBEB Request For Consultation Form275 KB

DFES Electronic Lodgement Form

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