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Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards

Recipients announced

Recipients of the 2020 Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards have been announced.

Employers helping to protect our community

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards acknowledge the important contribution employers and self-employed volunteers provide to the community.

Employers of emergency services volunteers including self-employed volunteers play a critical role in protecting the community during natural disasters and emergencies.

At their own cost, businesses release qualified staff to help protect and repair communities impacted by fires, severe storms, cyclones, floods, earthquake, tsunamis and emergencies involving chemical, radiological and biological materials.

How does the program work?

Nominations open annually and are assessed against twelve criteria that recognise an employer's contribution against their capacity to provide support to emergency services volunteers.

The Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards is valid for three years from the time of issue.

Currently there are 260 WA employers who are active participants.


Many factors are taken into account when assessing employer contribution:

  • The impact on the day to day running of a business with a volunteer absent
  • How long the business has been involved with supporting emergency services volunteering
  • If the business lends or donates equipment to local emergency services
  • If the business provides financial support, or sponsorship, to local emergency services
  • Whether the business promotes emergency services campaigns
  • If a written or verbal policy covering emergency services leave arrangements has been developed and made available for employees to use.
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How do employers benefit?

Employers who receive an award benefit in a number of ways:
  • They create positive working relationships within the local community.
  • Increased ability to attract and retain skilled staff.
  • Increased staff motivation and team morale.
  • Positive corporate image.

Successful employers and self-employed volunteers can use the official Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards marketing materials to promote themselves as supporters of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services volunteers.

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Which employers are eligible?

Businesses that employ volunteers in the following emergency services supported by DFES are eligible:

  • Bush Fire Service
  • State Emergency Service
  • Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services
  • Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services
  • Marine Rescue Western Australia
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