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Challenging road crash rescue for firefighters
Monday 27 July 2015 – 4:30 PM

​A 25 year old man had to be cut from the wreck of his car by Armadale Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) firefighters after being trapped for several hours.

Emergency services were called to the crash on Abernethy Road in Oakford on Monday 6 July, where a vehicle had left the road and become wedged between two trees.
Firefighters from Armadale arrived on the scene just after 7.30am and worked painstakingly for two and a half hours to free the man.
Station Officer Robert Garnett, who was in charge at the scene, said that the vehicle was wedged sideways between two trees in a paddock. It was about 20 metres off the road and quite difficult to see.
It had been a cold and foggy morning and the man told rescuers that he had been trapped in his car for about four hours in the chilly conditions before a passerby came across him and reported the crash.  
“The main difficulty was that he was squashed head first against the tree so it wasn’t as simple as pulling the vehicle out of the trees,” Robert said.
Firefighters had to stabilise the vehicle and then use hydraulic equipment to cut away the back of the ute. A body sling was then created to extract him through the rear of the vehicle.
The four man FRS crew were backed up at the scene by a crew from Armadale Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS). Also in attendance were WA Police and St John Ambulance officers.
Robert said that it was a very technical rescue, one of the most difficult he has been involved in.
“Because of his injuries, and the way the car was wedged against the trees, the options were very limited to how to get him out,” said Robert.
“We had to work together. The collaboration between firefighters and St John Ambulance officers was exceptional.
“Every care was taken to get him out and minimise further injuries.
“The priority was to manage his condition and get him out the safest and best way for him.”
It took two and a half hours to release the man from the wreck of his ute. St John Ambulance treated the man at the scene before he was transferred to the RAC Rescue helicopter for transport to hospital.