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Legislation Review

Current Status – Updated on 10 October 2019

Cabinet has approved the consolidation of the three emergency services Acts into a single piece of legislation. The Fire Brigades Act 1942, Bush Fires Act 1954 and Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998 will be replaced by one Act which will lay a strong and integrated foundation for effective emergency services management for the future.

Next Steps

The next step to progress the Consolidated Emergency Services Act (CES Act) is to draft a new Exposure Draft Bill. This document will be prepared by professional drafters from the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office who have extensive experience in drafting complex legislation.

Given the complexity and importance of the CES Act, we will not be rushing the process. The drafting of the Exposure Draft Bill will also need to be balanced against other priorities of the Government’s legislative agenda.

Once the Exposure Draft Bill is completed, it will be released for public comment and a comprehensive consultation period will be conducted.

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