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ESL Calculator

Use the Emergency Services Levy calculator below to work out how much ESL you are likely to pay on a property in 2020-21. To calculate the exact amount requires a property’s gross rental value (GRV) as at 1 July 2020. This will be printed on your 2020-21 council rates notice.

However, you may be able to use the GRV on your 2019-20 Rates Notice to get an indication of your ESL charge in 2020-21, but please be aware that:

  • GRVs are re-assessed every three to five years and this could change the valuation of your property from 1 July 2020 if your region is subject to review;
  • and
  • the calculated ESL charge may be an under-estimation if the property is a multi-unit RESIDENTIAL building as higher ESL charge thresholds apply for these type of residences depending on the number of units/tenancies.
ESL Calculator

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