Bushfire management across our vast State needs a strong, collective approach so we can grow our capability to ensure a safer WA.

Managing bushfire across our vast State is a huge task, so we’re building the new Bushfire Centre of Excellence to cultivate knowledge and support training that helps to make our communities safer.

The Centre will be the first of its kind in WA, and located in the Shire of Murray. We’ve designed it to be a learning hub that’s accessible to all bushfire management stakeholders.

The purpose-built facility will provide high-level training for WA’s bush firefighters and other emergency service personnel. Our approach is to harness lessons learned and promote the best from academia, science and Aboriginal traditional land practices.

Work is well underway to construct this innovative facility that will help us all work together to improve bushfire management.

What it will do

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence will benefit local communities by strengthening the ways we build and share skills to help reduce bushfires and their impacts.


We'll develop enhanced bushfire training, and work to deliver and support this for our stakeholders across WA.

Knowledge Management

We'll gather, manage and share the very best of traditional, academic and experiential bushfire knowledge.

Engagement and Outreach

We'll focus on collaboration and ensure all of our stakeholders can access bushfire training, knowledge and research.

The facility

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence will be a vibrant hub for our broader community. It will run specialised training programs, information sessions and networking events. It is being constructed to include:

  • Secure areas for training tools and equipment.
  • Open spaces for public meetings and briefings.
  • Training rooms and outdoor training spaces.
  • Independently operated administration and training areas.
  • Temporary locations for visitors, partners and collaborators.
  • Office space.

Guiding principles

The following principles guide all that we do at the Bushfire Centre of Excellence:

  • Reflect and serve our bushfire management sector.
  • Recognise excellence everywhere in bushfire management.
  • Decentralise the delivery of our training programs and services.
  • Design our activities and services to be scalable across Australia and internationally.
  • Operate collectively across agencies through shared training and learning.
  • Represent our communities with diverse and inclusive staff.
  • Recognise and incorporate Aboriginal people’s fire knowledge and experience.